Four Telegram groups you should join

Four Telegram groups you should join

Telegram is our main way of communication: it’s cross-platform, free and easy to use. However, it’s easy to get lost in the many Telegram groups and channels about Ubuntu Touch. Here are four groups you should definitely join:

  1. UBports supergroup

    This is our main Telegram group, where you can discuss everything related to Ubuntu Touch.

  2. UBports News Channel

    This is the place to be if you just want to get the latest news from the UBports community. New OTA releases, calls for testing, as well as the Q&A sessions, they are all announced here.

  3. Ubuntu Touch in your language

    It’s always nice to talk to people in your own language. Have a look at our list of language focus groups on Telegram.

  4. Ubuntu Touch on your device

    An easy way to discuss issues with Ubuntu Touch that are specific to your device is to join a device-specific Telegram group. For instance, there’s Ubuntu Touch on Volla Phone and Ubuntu Touch on Pine64.

We expect that everyone who participates in these Telegram groups (or in our community in general) honours our Code of Conduct.

So, just join these four groups and you won’t get lost again in our community. After a while, you’ll find other Telegram groups about specific topics that interest you.

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