App Development


Apps are one of the key elements of user experience on a mobile device. Unfortunately users standards are been benchmarked by the closed-source dominating ecosystems and services of Google and Apple. The bar is high and one has to understand that developing applications is more an ideological motive than a financial incentive. 

Apps are the most visible part of Ubuntu Touch. There's a core set of applications that needs to be developed and maintained. We also have tools and frameworks to allow people in the community to create their own apps for Ubuntu Touch. If you like to develop mobile apps or help with the underlying infrastructure, such as the app store OpenStore, there's enough work to do.

Core Apps see who is in the team

These apps are already installed default on the phone and make sure a user can connect to the outside world.

Essential Apps see who is in the team

Most wanted apps based on user feedback from device partners. As alternatives that cover Android apps functionalities and can be found on .

Other Apps find them in the

Apps build by our community members ss alternatives and additions to cover Android apps functionalities and can be found on 

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