UBports Manifesto

Freedom does not exist without real choice

We live in a world that’s rapidly stripped away from one of our core values: freedom of choice. Freedom doesn’t exist without real choice. This mainly applies to a component that’s becoming more and more part of our daily lives: our mobile devices. These are often not designed with our best interests in mind, but yet they fulfill a central place in our lives. The mobile market is dominated by a few big companies. They let us use their services and make us dependent on them, in return for our data (how, where and what we communicate). These companies control the complete supply chain, from manufacturers to employees, from telecom providers to subcontractors, from developers to end-users. One way or another, this affects you.

We firmly believe in an open, transparent and secure world. One where you can choose which mobile platform you want to use, independent of the hardware you buy. One where you can choose which data you want to share, how and with whom, without making concessions. We strive for a world where there’s freedom of choice at every level: manufacturers should have the choice to pick their components without any limitations, developers shouldn’t have to worry about censorship or the powerful agenda of big corporations. Finally, users should always be in charge of their own online identity. 

We want to give everyone a new option to choose from: a beautiful and open-source mobile operating system with freedom at its core. We believe the timing is right: the awareness of the current lack of choice and dominance in the mobile market is higher than ever. Society is ready to join forces and shift towards complete freedom of choice. Now is the time to get involved. By working together, we can start a revolution. One that will result in a healthy shift of the regime, which puts control back in the hands of the user.

We need your help to achieve this. Join our growing community of volunteers and passionate people across the globe and support the UBports Foundation.

Help in whatever way you can: be part of our revolution!

The choice is yours,

UBports Foundation