Interview with Rudi Timmermans

Interview with Rudi Timmermans

We had a little chat with Rudi Timmermans. He’s the developer of several Ubuntu Touch apps and the driving force behind the campaign to improve Anbox on Ubuntu Touch.

How did you become involved in the UBports community?

A few years ago I was using Sailfish OS, but I was looking for some other mobile operating system, and that’s how I found Ubuntu Touch.

What made you start the fundraiser to improve Anbox on Ubuntu Touch?

Well, I was always seeing questions from Ubuntu Touch users about whether they could use WhatsApp, again and again. But the old Anbox to run Android apps on Ubuntu Touch was almost unusable for many apps. Because the core development team of Ubuntu Touch had their hands full with other tasks, I decided that something needed to be done. That’s why I started the funding campaign:

Open Ubuntu Touch to all Android apps! (Anbox)

What Android apps do you consider the most important ones to have on Ubuntu Touch?

Personally, I’m only using my bank’s app, but I think for a lot of users WhatsApp would be a critical app to have on their device.

What are you currently working on? Any new apps you are developing?

Not for now. I keep updating my Facebook client Sailbook and my Twitter app Tweet Mobile, but all my focus is now going to Anbox on Ubuntu Touch.

What are your interests outside of Ubuntu Touch?

I have been testing apps and devices since I was 16 years old. But I also like the new Light Phone II. It’s not a smartphone, but a minimal cellphone that only has calls and texts. I love how they have made it and what its philosophy is.

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