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Help us make Ubuntu Touch the best mobile operating system

Whether you are a seasoned developer or you want to get better at software development, there are a lot of tasks you could do in Ubuntu Touch. We can use your development skills in the following areas:


 Our mission is to make Ubuntu Touch available on as many devices as possible. If you have a mobile device originally shipped with Android, it's possible to port Ubuntu Touch to the device. This is because Ubuntu Touch works on top of a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), called Halium. Porting Halium to a new device and getting all components to work together is a challenging task. However, there's a whole community of porters who are eager to have you on board and tackle these problems together.

Core development

Ubuntu Touch has a lot of components under the hood, including the Android compatibility layer Halium, the desktop environment Lomiri and the UBports Installer. All these projects need developers to improve the features of Ubuntu Touch, to fix bugs and to work on new features. If you are interested in software development, be it high-level or low-level, join us to develop the best mobile operating system. 

App development 

 Apps are the most visible part of Ubuntu Touch. There's a core set of applications that needs to be developed and maintained. We also have tools and frameworks to allow people in the community to create their own apps for Ubuntu Touch. If you like to develop mobile apps or help with the underlying infrastructure, such as the app store OpenStore, there's enough work to do.

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