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Help us make Ubuntu Touch more popular

To be able to keep improving, Ubuntu Touch needs a healthy community, it needs to be visible in the wider community, and it needs financial resources. People play a central role in this. We can use your people skills in the following areas:


The UBports community is primarily a people experience. We want newcomers to feel welcome and we want to help people to fit in. We also want to connect like-minded community members, so they can push Ubuntu Touch forward and grow the overall health of the community. Do you enjoy helping, encouraging and connecting people? Then we can use your people skills.


We want to make Ubuntu Touch and UBports more visible within and outside the UBports community. Can you write, make or edit films, design infographics or any other graphics? Are you a social media wizard or a marketing campaign champion? Help us create a buzz around Ubuntu Touch by spreading your knowledge and enthusiasm.


The ability of the UBports Foundation to hire developers, designers and other people to work on Ubuntu Touch depends on money coming from sponsors. We can always use some help with identifying potential sponsors. And if you like talking to sponsors and trying to find a win-win solution where both the UBports Foundation and the sponsoring organization benefit, contact us.

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