Board of Directors

Ricardo Mendoza

Chairman, Co-founder Ubports Foundation


Ewald Pierre

Deputy Chairman, Co-founder Ubports Foundation

Since 2016, I have been involved in the establishment of UBports. As you know, Canonical started Ubuntu Touch, to put as alternative software on mobile devises. Out of necessity, Canonical stopped and this prompted me and the first Board members to take steps to keep Ubuntu Touch available after all. We have received fantastic help from various community members. It's important to be able to make choices and that also applies to the choice of software you put on your mobile device. I therefore believe in the three waves: The third wave of disruption explained: an environment which preaches open source hardware, software and services that enables anyone to build upon. First wave: The Apple-Wave of closed hardware, software and services in which everything is owned by one brand. Hardware vendors, software publishers, service providers and telecom companies are completely dependent. Second wave: The Android-Wave of open Operating Systems but closed services. Vendors, publishers, providers and telecom companies depend on Google licences for certain tools and services which are demanded. Third wave: The Ubuntu Touch- Wave of open source hardware, software and services in which you can choose your phone, the operating system and from which third party you want the services and apps from. Let’s make it happen!

Marius Gripsgård

Founder Ubports Foundation, Board Member

Hi, my name is Marius Gripsgard also known as @mariogrip and I’m the creator and main developer of Ubports.

Jonatan Hatakeyama Zeidler

Board Member

Nigel Wood

Board Member

Joined the Ubports Community in May 2017 and has been an active contributor since then, with roles in Marketing, Welcome and Install and moderating and running the Forum. Sees the Community as one of the most vital parts of Ubports and the Ubuntu Touch project, without which we would not be where we are today. Committed to the ongoing improvement, development and advancement of Ubuntu Touch and Ubports.

Riccardo Riccio (capsia)

Board Deputy

Rodney Dawes (Dobey)

Board Deputy