Christian Pauly - Community Interview

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      Join Wayne (out there) and Joe (in here) as they interview Christian "Krille" Pauly.

                                Show Notes


                                • Beatbox Extravaganza
                                • The history of "Krille" and how to say it (German 101)
                                • Who is Krille anyway?
                                • The App Challenge - Miss an app? Make it!

                                Questions and Stuff

                                • What's the story with "Flashcards" app?
                                • What's this "Jotit" app?
                                • What is this "YouToDo" app?
                                • Pushclient? How to use push notifications on UT!
                                • Bunny Trail: push notifications, privacy and duopolies
                                • What's the story behind FluffyChat?
                                • Who are you - the person?
                                • Education and Nations
                                • Music, Education, and Coding
                                • Question: How should a new developer start?
                                • What is this Stop Wasting Time app?
                                • What's a 'library'?
                                • FluffyCats? FluffyChats? Voila! Ce n'est pas francais!
                                • Let's talk FluffyChat
                                • Fragmentation! The technological world is trying to divide us.
                                • Fluffy is heavy metal!
                                • FluffyChat, because it runs Matrix ....
                                • UBports.chat Matrix home server project is a kind donation from German ISP
                                • Telegram versus Matrix compared:
                                  • Centralized versus decentralization
                                  • Matrix gives you server choice - including your own server if you want
                                  • Signal protocol is a popular encryption standard
                                  • Matrix allows a choice of encryption choice
                                • What's your feeling about Ubuntu Touch?
                                • Krille compares UBports community to 'general Linux community'
                                • Haven't joined the UBports community? Join it! (see action items below to start)
                                • Krille Grille! Joe first.
                                • Krille Grille! Wayne gets served...
                                • More Grille from Krille - How Coca Cola would be allowed to participate in the Ubuntu Touch Audiocast
                                • "You have to follow the money train" - TMF, 2014
                                • "No one can serve two masters..." - Matthew 6:24
                                • Heavy metal Fluffy Farewell! GIIIIIIIT!!!

                                Action Items

                                • What is THE ONE app that is missing from Ubuntu Touch?
                                • Ask yourself "Where is this information moving online?" Is anyone else touching it?
                                • Discuss this Ubuntu Touch Audiocast episode in the Forum right now (before you forget or your passion fades).
                                • Send us a word of feedback (good or bad)! We would love to hear from you: wayne[at]ubports.com , joe[at]ubports.com
                                Call for testing: Ubuntu Touch OTA-7