A Dog's Breakfast of Discussion

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      Join Wayne (out there) and Joe (in here) as they discuss Anbox, Dogfooding, and more...


                                • Joe introduces the term 'dogfooding'
                                • Wayne eats pet food.

                                Let's Babble-On

                                • Ubuntu Edge didn't happen but it's... still happening (at UBports)!
                                • Wayne 'dogfoods' Ubuntu Touch as Eater and Seller
                                • Why should you dogfood your favourite projects?
                                • There are ways to make Ubuntu Touch better - not just programming / code
                                • "You've opted out the project if you haven't participated" - TMF
                                • "It's not about being a consumer it's about being a contributor" - Joe's thoughts (from Wayne's mouth)
                                • Is the "Top-down mentality" messing up our attitude towards free software projects?
                                • The natural desire to be creative is satisfied in the UBports community

                                Anboxing - "Why so much talk about Anbox?"

                                • Joe demonstrates Wine versus whine
                                • Joe somewhat kills Wayne's banking app example as a hindrance to dogfooding UT
                                • Joe steps in with a real life situation where Android was messing up his dogfooding (and discovers that Uber webapp now in OpenStore
                                • The two valid choices with strong arguments on each side: a) Help improve and test Anbox and put Android app safely on your UT phone b) Commit to not using Anbox and forcing
                                • Wayne sides with Anbox as a 'bandaid solution' to speed up transition and uses Korean chat app as example
                                • Joe was excited about Anbox but the bubble burst when he bumped his head
                                • Test versions of Anbox are there and getting better. For the adventurous, here is a link for more information.
                                • Wayne exposes bugs on FP2 with Dekko and Notikaringding (if you know what this sentence means, you're deep in the club!)
                                • "If the only thing stopping someone from moving to Ubuntu Touch is ______ (insert Android app here) then Anbox is a good thing."
                                • "The most important thing is choice." - Joe
                                • "Anbox is the Wine of Ubuntu Touch" - Wayne
                                • Anbox removes excuses from device manufacturers which is massive
                                • Samsung's Dex thing is good for showing a 'kind of convergence' but is not what we know it could/should be.
                                • Million dollar question: Why would Samsung waste their time doing Dex when UT and Unity8 are sitting here?
                                • How do we get Samsung's dev team to start working on UT? With amazing documentation? No! By sticking Marius in a room with them to school them!
                                • Wayne's prediction (you heard it first here - mark the date): a small manufacturer will raise $5.0M for round 1 fundraising for software and then once working unbeatably and securely, raise second round for hardware and then - boom. UT for the world!
                                • Ubuntu desktop is proof that we have 'already arrived'
                                • Joe's Mama and Wayne's Mama both use Ubuntu desktop! Come on, people. Get it together...
                                • UBports community weaves through our tech life.
                                • Giiiiiiit!

                                Action Items

                                • Try dogfooding for a week. If you have both, or a supported UT device, put down your 'other device' and pick up Ubuntu Touch and force yourself to use only that.
                                • Instead of complaining about a software bug that repeats itself in your life, report it on the appropriate bug-reporting page. If you find it already, make a comment in the bug thread explaining that it affects you, too.
                                • Start learning a programming language. Python, C++ and QML are three big ones for Ubuntu Touch development.
                                • Discuss this Ubuntu Touch Audiocast episode in the Forum right now (before you forget or your passion fades)
                                Chat with your friends on top of Matrix engine