Ubuntu Touch Audiocast 005 - Marketing with hot male

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Hi all!

It's the all important fifth episode of the UBports audiocast. Some say, shows have to reach their fifth episode in order to call themselves legit. Here we are, the most legit and lit audiocastwhen it comes to everything UBports related and unrelated. Proudly presented by @Wayneoutthere and @Exar_Kun

On this Episode the boys welcome their very first guest and discuss Marketing with this relative new guy in town.
@Mohannes is a Marketing, Communication & Community Manager at Smoose by day and UBports superhero by night. It is said that suits-up in his Batman outfit before he hits the community and provides it with Marketing, Branding and Content Strategy. Lately he developed himself als the Dark Knight of the non-tech part of UBports, pushing content in the shadows and helping out with blogs, audiocasts and other media related subjects.... And he likes to talk with a deep voice, for the ladies.




  • If you want to call yourself a true surviving Audiocast, you have to have at least 5 episodes. [01:40]
  •  Should we keep the name UBports Audiocast or should we begin our own identity? [02:40]
  • Let's get this show going with a couple of introductions of Wayne, Joe and Mo. [03:40]
  • Speaking of Hotmail, lets introduce our Hot Male special guest. [05:40]
  • It's Mohannes with a smooth H, for the ladies. [08:09]
  • Tonight is game over or should we make episode six immediately. [10:00]
  • We are growing and learning. Could someone help us to professionalize audiosoftware-wise? [13:00]
  • Timestamps are valuable when it comes to timemanagement of the listener, but does the Audiocast lose its charm doing so? [17:40]
  • What went wrong last week? Nothing special. Luckily we were spot on with Marius Gripsgard his name pronunciation ;)[19:45]
  • Linux Luddites the quite famous podcast rubs Wayne the wrong way. Are you going to talk hours about a kernel? [20:50]
  • Go to translate.ubports.com for translations and Jan does a explanation on how Weblate works.  [24:45]
  • Thanking our sponsors. Give us microphones and good material, please. [28:10]
  • The Allround Marketing Update. The Mohannes Monologue [30:00]
  • New Device pages on the website. Introduction of the CPT-Installer Tool to Flash Ubuntu-Touch 15.04 on your phone! [30:50]
  • Up and until now, it is possible to flash Ubuntu-Touch on the Fairphone 2, Nexus 5 and Oneplus 1 [34:40]
  • Giving props to Allaert our CPT-Tool Master [36:00]
  • Our community is growing fast and it is good to see that every once in a while a brilliant mind stands up and comes with awesome content. [39:00]
  • Is it important to deliver the privacy and security feature and thereby save the world? [41:30]
  • Car and Seatbelt analogy on privacy. Why privacy is so important. [42:30]
  • The road ends with having an iPhone in your hands, but there has to be an solid alternative which isn't datamining your device [45:20]
  • Plasma Mobile vs UBports. Is there a strong competition between open source Mobile OS and what about the secret Halium ingredient? [46:10]
  • Marketing Strategy: Should we obtain or at least use the Ubuntu Trademark? [57:00]
  • Flashing, using and celebrating [60:30]
  • Obtaining Critical Mass and calling for Quality Control. [63:00]
  • Making the Smartphone really smart again. [64:00]
  • *Batman voice* I am the board of directors! [66:00]
  • An open invitation to the Foundation [67:00]
  • Surprise elevator pitching [71:00]
  • Dumb things marketers say: Let's make it sexy [75:00]
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