#50: Men in the Middle
Ubuntu Touch Audiocast

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      Wayne (out there) & Joe (Oliver) discuss contribution, time, privacy events, OTA-10, and more...

                                In this Episode

                                • Should Wayne and Joe do a Mono-Email-Cast?
                                • Joe continues struggles to answer about his life, but less so about his health
                                • What does diatomaceous earth and Joe Oliver have in common?
                                • Meanwhile Wayne Out There enjoys tea tree oil to improve his toenail health
                                • "Time is not real" - Joe Oliver
                                • "Death defines life" - Someone
                                • Wayne and Joe did an Ubuntu Touch talk at a Vancouver Linux group
                                • Demographic of the presentation showed our current reality: Nearly zero young people, nearly zero old people, nearly zero females.
                                • Free software people like UBports community members are a "Man in the Middle" - we are marketing a new way of thinking. Does anyone care?
                                • Video of a cheap Baofeng amateur radio disengages a home security system
                                • We're all guilty of not learning and preparing enough in different parts of our lives
                                • Heart and Financial health: What we don't feel today can kill us tomorrow. People prioritize health and finances, but what about digital privacy?
                                • It's difficult to educate the masses and update their mentality towards software and technology
                                • "The Great Breach" - Wayne Out There
                                • "The Great Hack" - A movie
                                • People's minds are being influenced by Google and their search suggestions - what they suggest and what they don't suggest (sometimes even more influential). Note: Peertube and D-tube (and probably other alternatives) have better video search results if you are looking for less skewed results.
                                • Wayne used his business frustration towards his Python studies.
                                • We need to raise our awareness - proactively.
                                • "Program or be Programmed" - Rushkoff
                                • Ubuntu Touch = Choice
                                • Ubuntu Touch = Your Voice Heard
                                • Geotechland's video about the new Ubuntu Touch Edge Channel
                                • Two other launchers: Launcher Modular, Sprint
                                • OTA-10 Call for Testing - also shows what is coming soon
                                • You can follow the UBports project on github
                                • Wayne talks about how he got Yunohost running with Roundcube with the Beta version... with PGP encryption (yay!). Note: Yunohost only supports the stable Roundcube version which does not handle mobile well, nor pgp on mobile. You'll need Brian D's version on your Yunohost install, until Roundcube launches this new one as stable. Read about that here if interested.
                                • ...By the way - who is this Brian Douglass guy? Glad you asked! Wayne and Joe interviewed him way back here
                                •  Krille of FluffyChat (Soon to get e2e encryption?)
                                • TELEports

                                Action Items

                                • Find a developer an active developer in the UBports community and ask them what programming languages they recommend learning

                                • Decide on a programming language to learn

                                • Start searching for 1 hour per day, or 1 hour every two days where you will study this new language

                                • Discuss this Ubuntu Touch Audiocast episode in the Forum right now (before you forget or your passion fades).

                                • Send us a word of feedback (good or bad)! We would love to hear from you: wayne[at]ubports.com , joe[at]ubports.com

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