Ubuntu Touch Q&A 129
Enhacement of Aethercast, Backup solutions, SIP



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News and Update

UBports Q&A held on 2nd of December 2023.

Alfred and AppLee presented.

We apologize for the non-standard and this time only a short summary, we will be back soon with more detailed content. Thank you for your understanding.  

A Very Short Summary

In the UBports Q&A 129 video, the hosts discuss recent improvements in UBports, including the enhancement of Aethercast connections, the web engine, and terminal app. Ongoing work on enabling wireless display support and the start of changes coming with OTA 4 were also mentioned.

The team acknowledged server issues and encryption improvements for higher privileged functions.

A user shared his appreciation for the offline mapping feature of the Pure Maps app. Backup solutions for user data were discussed, including using the NextCloud, ADB tar ball, and SSH.

Extension of capabilities and manpower for the Ubuntu Touch project was addressed, along with potential memory corruption issues and crowdfunding possibilities for custom projects.

The speakers also discussed voice calls using SIP accounts and the possibility of integration with UBports. The next Q&A session is expected in two weeks.

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Ubuntu Touch Q&A 128
Snap apps, 5G improvements, Fingerprint authentication