Ubuntu Touch Q&A 128
Snap apps, 5G improvements, Fingerprint authentication



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News and Update

UBports Q&A held on 18th of November 2023.

Alfred and Marius presented.

We apologize for the non-standard and this time only a short summary, we will be back soon with more detailed content. Thank you for your understanding.  

A Very Short Summary

In the "Ubuntu Touch Q&A 128" YouTube video, the speakers discuss various updates and improvements in the Ubuntu Touch operating system. They share that snap applications can now run with libhybrid drivers, enabling the Open Source Quake 2 engine to work properly on devices like the JingPad. Authentication inputs through pkit are now supported, and work is being done to use the existing interface from Qualcomm and Mediatek for WT.

Additionally, 5G support has been added, and significant performance improvements, such as in GPU texture uploads, have been made. The team is also working on Wayland integration, 5G support, and Fairphone 5 compatibility for OTA 4. They encourage viewers to suggest ideas for the next release and to update the devices page.

The conversation also touches on the usage of Android components after Ubuntu Touch installation and the possibility of fingerprint authentication in the Ubuntu Touch system. Overall, the team is making progress on various fronts, and the goal is to provide a good user experience.

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