Ubuntu Touch Q&A 127
At the Ubuntu summit in Latvia, running Convergence, Snaps integration



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News and Update

UBports Q&A held on 4th of November 2023.

Alfred and Rudra Saraswat presented.

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A Very Short Summary

In the Ubuntu Touch Q&A 127 video, Tasos Filippoudis shares his positive experiences from The Ubuntu Summit in Latvia, including productive discussions on Lomiri remix challenges. The team discusses ongoing efforts to address issues with applications on their system, the potential of Snap integration, and the importance of battery support for devices like the XPERIA X. They also mention the progress of Bluetooth connectivity and introduce team members working on Mir and Mere platforms.

The speakers express their desire to bring Ubuntu Touch to more devices and improve the overall experience for the user base, while also acknowledging challenges such as app compatibility and specific device issues.

Exploration of Waydroid fingerprint support
for UT apps, with potential difficulties, and really secure implementation needed.

Overall positive experience at the Ubuntu Summit, enjoying talks and strengthening relationships.

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