Ubuntu Touch Q&A 126
OTA-3 aproach, Snaps packages, Alfreds Tide IDE



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News and Update

UBports Q&A held on 21 October 2023.

Florian and Alfred presented.

We apologize for the non-standard and this time only a short summary, we will be back soon with more detailed content. Thank you for your understanding. 

A Very Short Summary

In the Ubuntu Touch Q&A 126 video, Alfred discusses technical issues encountered during the build of OTA-3 for Focal Fossa, including insufficient clean-up jobs and crashes caused by a video decoding patch. Alfred also announces upcoming improvements to OTA updates, such as human-readable change logs, and shares news about a €10 donation for every Volla phone device sold through Volla Systems during October. The team is also running a raffle to win a free Volla 22 and planning an experiment to get Qt6 running on Ubuntu Touch using Tide IDE.

Additionally was discussed the use of Wayland as a potential software environment for graphics rendering and the development of desktop applications for Ubuntu Touch using Snapcraft and Snaps. The team is working on integrating snapd into Ubuntu Touch, bringing over the atomic update mechanism for a more stable OS experience.

There were also discussed the challenges and rewards of developing apps for the Ubuntu Touch platform and the difficulties of implementing alternative voice applications, such as VoLTE, on the platform.

The team encourages community involvement and porting efforts to bring Ubuntu Touch to new devices, like the Google Pixel 6 and 8.

Sponsors were thanked. We are truly grateful for every donation and making a donation is very easy to do. Select one of our options.


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Ubuntu Touch Q&A 125
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