Ubuntu Touch Audiocast 006 - Bought Whole Foods and Crickets

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Hi everyone, 

The guys are on fire! After surviving the all important fifth episode, we can now officially say that the Audiocast is here to stay. 

In this episode Joe and Wayne go balls deep into the sharp decline of Ubuntu Members within the General Ubuntu Community and the findability of UBports on the inter webs. Entertainment and criticism  all in the same cast.



  • Rapampam! Drummer boy invades your head. [00:40]
  • It's nice for you to join me. We love this show. It's fun to do and we like to talk about what we like. [01:20]
  • YuMi is talking German all of a sudden! [02:26]
  • Welcome back to the sixth or the forever five edition of the Audiocast. Version 5.02. [03:00]   
  • Joe ate some crickets, a bridge to Coast Protein and an investigation on eating insects.[04:15]  
  • Can insects save the world?[06:20]  
  • Forks over knives: Meat is a whole can of worms. It's not about meat but, yes vegetables. [11:38]  
  •  Plenty.ag also a really good example on astonishing innovation within their market. But, Amazon is backing them *Hiiisssssss* [13:15]  
  • Wat went wrong last week: Absolutely nothing! We rocked! [17:25]  
  • Thanking our sponsors. Give us microphones and keep us motivated [18:10]  
  • Ubuntu Memberships in sharp decline. What does it mean? [18:50] 
  • The most interesting thing in Ubuntu.  [22:00]  
  • UBports supports simulation. [23:15]  
  • The importance of Telegram Groups. [30:00]  
  • Local Community (Randall Ross)[32:15]  
  • Eliminating the Human - Anti community trends  [34:45]  
  • Speed Hacking, Get your time back!  [40:40]  
  • Where is the cast now? [45:50]  
  • Community Private & Security - Chinese Scam [47:25]  
  • Face Cooked - tech based community  [57:00]  
  • Dalton? [59:15] 
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