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Use the power of your words

Good writing is an art. If you know your way with words and you enjoy polishing a text until it's crystal-clear and enticing, we have a lot of interesting challenges for you.  We can use your language talents in the following areas:


We're constantly working on articles, brief or comprehensive, on any subject relevant to UBports. These can be how-to guides, deep dives on a specific topic, and updates about the latest developments. Join us to keep the high-quality content flowing and help others to get to know more about Ubuntu Touch. You can even help by creating text versions or notes for the Q&As and audiocasts to reach even more people.



A project is only as good as its documentation. We always need better documentation to enable any new members of the community to work with Ubuntu Touch as hassle-free as possible. You can help us with:

- user documentation: writing     tutorials on how to work with     Ubuntu Touch

- developer documentation:     explaining how to create Ubuntu     Touch applications for OpenStore

- process documentation:     documenting how UBports     collaborates


We believe that everyone should be able to experience Ubuntu Touch in their own mother language. If you're multilingual, you can help by translating Ubuntu Touch system components and applications. You can also spread the message by translating the web site and articles and welcoming new contributors in their own language.

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