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In an ideal world, everything works perfectly from the first time. However, software has bugs and users can encounter complex problems.  Are you the problem solver that can get people unstuck and improve the quality of Ubuntu Touch? Then we can use your talents in the following areas:


We can't treat all reported issues equally. An important factor in using our time efficiently is triaging any incoming bug reports and feature requests. We can use all the help to determine whether the report has all the information we need, to assign a priority and to ask the right people to work on it.


If people struggle with Ubuntu Touch, for instance while installing it on their device, maybe all they need is a little bit of help to get started. Do you like to help people? Is problem-solving your second nature? Does it feel good if you can successfully tackle an issue? Then your technical support efforts are much appreciated.


Our goal is to make sure that every Ubuntu Touch release is better than the last one and includes only new features and bug fixes, rather than introducing new problems. To be able to keep that promise, we can use all the help to test pre-releases of Ubuntu Touch and its apps, to look through and confirm bug reports and report new findings. Do you like to try out the newest software before anyone else has dared to run it? Then help us improve Ubuntu Touch even more.

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