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Hello, everyone!

I have recently been informed of an exciting opportunity for contributors to Ubuntu Touch, Lomiri, and other UBports Foundation projects. The term of the Foundation's Board of Directors and of its Membership Committee (two different groups of people) expire together soon.  Those serving now may volunteer to serve another term or they may be replaced. If you are excited about the UBports Foundation's mission, serving on either of these bodies is one of the most direct and impactful ways you can contribute.

We are seeking individuals to assume roles on either the Foundation's Membership Committee or on its Board of Directors. Those selected must act in accordance with the statutes of the UBports Foundation.

As a member of the Board of Directors, you would work with the other board members to advance the mission of the UBports Foundation, including making decisions on the use of the Foundation's funds and around future funding. You'll work with project leaders, our Advisory Board, and members of the Board of Trustees to set the long-term direction of UBports Foundation projects. In short, you'll make it possible for the Ubuntu Touch and Lomiri projects to continue and thrive. This position is not a small commitment, and only highly motivated and dependable members should consider applying for this election. It is also a different challenge than many community members are used to: mainly bureaucratic rather than technical in nature. Programming and maintaining an organization, not a software program.

As a member of the Membership Committee, you would implement decisions of the Foundation and oversee membership of the Foundation, including by holding elections to select new appointmees to the Membership Committee and Board of Directors In addition, you will put in place other arrangements, as instructed by the Board of Directors and you will receive and review applications for places on the Board of Trustees.

Membership of these two bodies is decided by an election in which all of members of the UBports Foundation's Board of Trustees can vote. Anyone, anywhere in the world is elegible to join the Board of Trustees provided they meet some minimum requirements. First, they must legally be able to be a member of such a body. Second, they must be able to show that they have verifiably, not trivially, and not immaterially contributed time and intellectual work towards the Foundation’s objectives over a period of at least three months; and that at the time of their application they have the intention to continue to do so for at least another six months.

Any member of the Board of Trustees has the right to nominate themselves for election to the Board of Directors or the Membership Committee, and all members can vote in any contested election. Members also have the right to vote where decisions are put before them by the Board of Directors.

If you would like to join the UBports Foundation's Board of Trustees and become eligible for self-nomination in the elections for the Board of Directors or Membership Committee, please do the following:

1. Confirm to us that becoming a member of such a body is compatible with your local laws.

2. Put together an overview of your personal contribution  to the advancement of Ubuntu Touch, Lomiri, the UBports Installer, or other UBports Foundation projects, covering at least the past three months.

3. Send an email with the following general format to

Subject: <Full name> UBports Foundation Board of Trustees Membership Application


I would like to apply for membership of the UBports Foundation's Board of Trustees . Doing so is compatible with my local laws.

<Summary of your contributions, including for example links to your profile on relevant sources, such as GitHub, GitLab, or UBports Weblate>

If accepted, I <would/would not> like to be included on the public membership listing of the UBports Foundation, [optional] My Telegram handle is ... . Please add me to the Board of Trustees Telegram discussion group.

With regards,

<Your name>

We require the following information from you, and we will use it as follows:

We require your full legal name for membership in the UBports Foundation Board of Trustees. Pseudonyms are not allowed. If accepted for membership, your name will be included in the legal record of the UBports Foundation, which is accessible by the German federal government in Berlin. If you specify that you would like to be included on the public membership directory, you will find your name published on the UBports Foundation website. Otherwise, this information will only be stored by the UBports Foundation internally and shared with the German federal government.

We will require your email address, and optionally your Telegram username, for contact purposes. This information will be held by the UBports Foundation but *will not* be shared with any outside entities without your permission. We will use this information only to contact you regarding your membership application and, if you are admitted, we will use those means to notify you of upcoming elections or your participation in matters which have been put to the Board of Trustees to decide. We will require you to use your nominated email address when casting any vote.

We do not require a residential or mailing address as a condition of membership in the Board of Trustees or the Membership Committee. Members of the Board of Directors do however perform a formal role and they must therefore provide this information for the German federal government in Berlin.

Join us today

We encourage everyone who has been contributing to a UBports Foundation project for the past three months or longer to apply for membership in the Board of Trustees. You may also consider running for office in the Membership Committee or Board of Directors.
If you have any questions about becoming a member or about the rights and responsibilities of any UBports Foundation body, or to apply for membership, please email us at
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