Convergence Controversy

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      Join Wayne (out there) and Joe (in here) as they discuss convergence and the future of computing.

                                Show Notes

                                • Ubuntu Core
                                • Discussion about how Canonical's Juju technology deploys stuff in a cool way.
                                • Wayne plugs SuiteCRM as a solid CRM, and turns out that Joe made a Juju 'Charm' for Suite CRM back in the day
                                • Ubuntu Edge again nostalgically remembered.
                                • Oh yeah! Better introduce ourselves and the show...
                                • David Tarrant gives them a compliment (Thanks David)
                                • Tygerpro... the Tyger who ports stuff gets an audio high five from Wayne and Joe
                                • The book Irresistible gets a plug even though neither Joe nor Wayne have actually read it...
                                • FOSDEM happened.
                                • Joe adds plain and boring background to his Ubuntu Touch device wall paper. Wayne tries it too just because it sounds healthy and because Joe did it.
                                • "Are we making something bad sound good because it can't do what we actually like?" - Joe
                                • Wayne spews his business opportunity idea snapping stuff together like Nexdock
                                • "It's like diet: we know we should change, we know it's our fault, but it's hard to find time to prioritize change." - Wayne
                                • "If you don't suffer from it, then you might never have a reason to change." - Joe
                                • Couple of nice articles to help you boost this stuff up your priority list:
                                • Facebook caught paying teenagers to let them spy on them article
                                • Apple's Facetime enjoys spying on its users even after rejecting a call.
                                • Google plus shuts down after breach exposed.
                                • Discussion about different excuses people use not to change.
                                • Discussion about the biblical Mark of the beast in the book of Revelation.
                                • Can you really work with just one device? Joe questions it.
                                • Wayne freaks about $2000 iPhone
                                • Wayne's friend only uses laptop because he needs keyboard - Otherwise he said he would only use his iPhone 'for speed'
                                • "Can we run our phones like how Adobe runs their software on their own servers?" - Wayne
                                • Does Joe's example of needing to take a picture while doing a presentation 'kill the convergence dream'?
                                • How does convergence feel? No one has felt it.
                                • Does speech to text solve need for keyboards and mice?
                                • "How does the 'new convergence environment' become 'less' than what I'm doing now?" - Joe
                                • Joe tries to play security angle. Wayne blocks.
                                • "Resistible OS"
                                • Matrix at FOSDEM discussed how the government of France will use our beloved Matrix
                                • Joe and Wayne reveal their secret Audiocast sauce: Audacity, Mumble, Ubuntu, Matrix
                                • Why use MS Office when you can use LibreOffice?
                                • "We're closer than you think: Anbox, Unity8, Ubuntu Touch"
                                • Nextcloud, Redhat, businesses that are enduring while free and open software
                                • 99% of people can do 99% of things with their 'phone'
                                • Discuss this on the forum
                                Ubuntu Touch Q&A 44
                                Post FOSDEM