#51: Interview: Brian Douglass | Child-Friendly Devices and Mentorship
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      Interview | Brian Douglass | Mentorship and Child-friendly Devices...

                                In this Episode

                                • Joe is really all over (Oliver), but only here in spirit.
                                • Brian Douglass is in the house (again)! Original Interview
                                • Memory changes - Knocking out the noise
                                • Life tip: Minivan - Honda Odyssee, dodge the Dodge.
                                • Brian is a mentor in the community. He helps people get started with programming.
                                • Brian doesn't fit the developer stereotype:
                                  • No long beard
                                  • No weird interests
                                  • No bad attitude
                                • Coding tip: python or javascript is a good starting languages
                                • One of Brian's beginning projects in GNU/Linux: Indicator Remindor
                                • What's an indicator? e.g. Nextcloud - interactive icon in the status bar
                                • YUNO Host - Self hosting. How to install Web-based, mobile-friendly, PGP-supported Roundcube
                                • Ubuntu Touch needs smoother integration with cloud services
                                • UBports Telegram groups: Cloud, [RasperyPi], [mycroft], [Asteriod]
                                • AsteroidOS - alternative to android watches. Can be integrated with Ubuntu Touch.
                                • Brian Douglass developments:
                                • Unity8 and dash on edge channel will change things.
                                • Can we create a child's phone? The ability to shutdown apps or notifications is possible.
                                • The system is open to create greater control over our OS. We don't need to wait for a megacorporation to do this.
                                • Life tip: Working from home? Text your kids to get you coffee ;)
                                • uAdblock - prevents you from connecting to certain domains
                                • Pi-hole - a DNS server to gain control over your internet connection
                                • Pinephone shipping soon
                                  • Good for kids
                                  • Good for companies
                                  • Good for longevity - because the UT software is so good
                                • Launcher Modular - scope functionality
                                • Edge Channel launcher is a developing story
                                • Brian Oliver lives

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                                • What would you like to see on on a child-friendly device?
                                • What ideas do you have for a $150 Pinephone?
                                • Want to start coding?
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