UBports Training Update 6 aka 0110: A new season is on its way!
UBports Training Update 0110: A new season is on its way!

Welcome to a new read after the big holiday.

	This season we want to gather as much people as possible and get them to program their first Ubuntu Touch application.
	For this reason we like to get in touch with anybody interested in following the training.
	We are aware that Module 1 (Getting your development environment up and running) can be difficult to finish.
	That's why we want to get in touch with people struggling with setting up their development environment.
	Email: digitaleservice@gmail.com or koen@ubports.com
	Website: https://0111.nl/trainingut
	ContactPerson: Felix van Loenen
	Feel free to contact us any time.
	Besides that, we provide: 
	-> A written training.
	-> Public app development sessions.
	-> Personalised contact at any moment you wish.

	We (Terence, Sander, Leandro and Felix) like to provide a lot of code for other applications to use.
	Working with the phone's sensors is our challenge for the upcoming year.
	We like to provide the community with working code and generic features.
	We'll promote and explain how to program these features and how to use their full functionality. 

	We notice that Module 1 is working in a certain amount of configurations.
	We notice that many people start with a different setup.
	Therefore we like to hear from you if you have problems installing your phones and connecting them to your laptop.

	Every newsletter issue we put one module of our training in the limelight.
	This month we like to point out the interesting Module 5.
	The topic is Downloading and storing data.
	First you need to be able to exchange data, we explain how you work with the JSON data format.
	Combined with the XMLHttpRequest object you are able to request data from any API and integrate it within your app.
	To store input from your user locally, we use SQL.
	With the variant SQLite you are able to store the data in a structured way on your phone, ready to be retrieved later. 
	We are using QML's LocalStorage object to provide all this functionality.
	With the option to access remote data (XMLHttpRequest) and the option to persist data (SQLite) you make your app more complete.

	On Saturday July 23rd we attended MCH2022 on the Gear Stage. 
	Between 14:00 and 18:00 we provided a training in Ubuntu Touch mobile app development.
	We made a very short version of the training, which could be delivered in a couple of hours.
	Find the training notes in Dutch:
	And also in English:
	The end result can be found in the following GitHub repository:

	The next public app development meeting of September is on:
	- Wednesday the 7th of September from 19:00 until 21:30 CEST

	One month later the next public app development meeting is on:
	- Wednesday the 5th of October from 19:00 until 21:30 CEST

Kind regards,

UBports Training Team
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