UBports Newsletter 6th Oct

Dear Community,

Hello and welcome to your latest newsletter. Firstly a question, what do you use your phone for? Is it something to change and adjust to what you need, a tool for changing the OS and software it runs. Your access window on the world, browsing the web, communicating via email or messaging services. Or just as a way to make calls to family, friends and colleges.

However you choose to use it all are possible with your Ubuntu Touch phone or tablet. The point is it is your phone and only yours. You are not being tracked, traced or your data scrapped and used without consent. Not that we don't care what you are using your phone for, we would love you to tell us how you use and find using Ubuntu Touch. The point is we won't try and find out how and where you use your phone. It is yours to do with as you please, a free and opensource OS.

Not a huge newsletter this time but still containing exciting news and updates.


Latest Ubuntu Touch on Pine64 news
Pine devices now have new images available at https://gitlab.com/ook37/pinephone-pro-debos/-/releases/

Orens update news

With this release rotation is now working on all of the Pine devices. Flashlight works, modem has power stability and sensorfw is operating properly. Sim detection will require this script to be run for now:
 sudo /usr/share/ofono/scripts/enable-modem 

This will be implemented upstream in a future update along with gps and content hub. The upstreaming phase of the port will involve us:

1. fixing contenthub issues with even more apparmor patches (both to the kernel + to apps)

2. getting our kernel repository into ubports 

3. getting our builder repository into ubports

4. getting the builder to create both pre-built images & tarballs for system-image

5. getting system-image to work properly so that updates can be deployed OTA

6. switching the image over to a proper read-only base, and likely re-structuring image partitions

That means that when the time comes, we will have to say goodbye to our downstream images, and one last time flash a fresh new image from the upstream repository. While we do not have an exact time frame for how long this will take, it will hopefully be within the next few months. We do not plan on releasing any further downstream images, all efforts go to upstream now.

We used to advise as necessary updating the modem firmware prior to this release. That is now recommended but not vital the update now works with a range of modem firmware.

On the 3rd Oct for this newsletter Oren said  "we are making great progress with upstream images and they are planned for OTA-3 : ) "


Volla Phone 22 Promo

We have two joint promotions running in October with Volla systeme to make you aware of. The first (below) you may have already seen on our news and social channels.

Our friends at Volla are making a donation of 10€ to the UBports Foundation for every device sold in order to support our work!!! 😍❤️😘
Go get a Volla 22 with Ubuntu Touch pre-installed, and support us!

#VollaPhone #Volla22 #UbuntuTouch

The second we are announcing today. It is your chance to win a black and 
white Volla Phone 22 their current flagship model and of course it will be running your favorite OS Ubuntu Touch.

    The lucky winner will be selected from those who can correctly answer these questions from Volla:

  1. Which company originally developed Ubuntu Touch?
  1. What is the UBports mascot called?
  1. In which country are Volla Phones manufactured?

Please send entries clearly marked Volla Phone 22 Raffle in the subject line to socials@ubports.com before the end of October.

Why are Volla doing this? Then read on.

Free, open source and a full-fledged Linux. These characteristics makes Ubuntu Touch for more and more users an attractive alternative to the mobile operating systems of Google and Apple. The potential has long since extended beyond the enthusiasm among technology enthusiasts. It offers the average user an easy-to-use daily companion and companies a platform for industry and sector solutions.

That's why Volla Systeme is going for a factory-installed Ubuntu Touch option right out of the box with its first-generation Volla Phone.

 "For Volla, Ubuntu Touch has a strategic importance", Dr. Jörg Wurzer, founder of Volla Systeme







  Want to rent this space in the next news letter? Have something you want to say about Ubuntu Touch. Well you can for the small amount of.... nothing. Well not quite, it will cost a few minutes of your time to write an article for your news letter and send it to socials@ubports.com

To improve the way we bring onboard new contributors to Ubports, the first meeting of a new process was held on Wednesday 4th Oct.

UBports First Online Newcomers Introductory Meeting took place with the aim of making it easier for people to understand and ask questions about how and what is needed to contribute and get involved in the project.

Ubuntu Touch Q&A 124 took place on 23rd Sept and can be viewed again at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPwZvJyzdqc the blog version will be available shortly.

Ubuntu Touch Q&A 125 will be on Saturday 7th Oct at 19:00 UTC please post your questions here https://forums.ubports.com/topic/9410/ubuntu-touch-q-a-125-call-for-questions Your questions will get priority by doing it so get on over to the Forum and take advantage.

 We do really enjoy your engagement with and involvement in the Q&A so please watch live at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5bl5hTiAGo

How Ubuntu Touch works is the latest blog from UBports. 

Not just for newcomers but anyone interested in how Ubuntu Touch works.
Thanks to everyone involved in producing it. 


Ubports and Ubuntu Touch will have a small presence at the upcoming Linux days in Prague at the campus of University of CVUT celebrated during 7. - 8.of  October https://www.linuxdays.cz/2023/ If you are going keep an eye out and please stop and say hello. Members of the UBports Community have also produced some flyers to hand out and spread the word about UBports and Ubuntu Touch. Once more thanks to all involved.



Apps and more


Enable experimental Widevine support on Ubuntu Touch 20.04

Marius Gripsgård


Lomiri UI Toolkit Gallery

Component showcase gallery of the Lomiri user interface toolkit (LUITK)



Flappy Bird





Supporting Ubuntu Touch and UBports


There are many ways you can help and support UT and UBports. 

One of these is our Merchandise store (now run by Moem) where you can buy yourself or someone else a Ubuntu Touch, UBports shaped gift.

Another is by making a donation. One at a time or on a more regular basis. No matter how large or small, please remember they are very much appreciated and that you are helping directly the development of UT!

You can also donate something else which is as equally valued by us, your time and enthusiasm. If you would like to get involved please do. If you are not already on the Forum https://forums.ubports.com it is a great place to start. There are many other ways you can help your fellow UBports Community members so please join in and lets us know how you want to help at socials@ubports.com

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