TET Update 3 aka 0011: The first public development meeting was a success!

With this monthly update we like to inform you about the progress of the UBports Training initiative. A lot has happened this month.

Our first public development meeting

First of all, we had our public development meeting on April 7th (the next one will be on May 11th). Four people joined the meeting. It was nice to be able to program some essentials of an app with a couple of new people.

One of those people came up with the idea of programming the essentials of a fitness app. We helped him start his project, and a few weeks later we were delighted to hear back from him: he finished the app and published it on OpenStore. That’s what we call success!

This first experience gave us a lot of ideas to improve these monthly meetings. We are looking forward to holding more of these meetings, improving them even more and making them worth visiting for a wide range of developers. Whether you are a new or experienced developer, you’re welcome to join next time!

Next topic

During the last two TET updates we made sure our development environment got set up, and after that we initialised the Clickable app.

Now it’s time to understand an app’s layout:

- You can find a very simple startup layout in this commit.

- Read more about how a QML layout works in our second course module.

- Have a look at the example code from this second course module.

Update on our Stream app

As a team of developers (Sander, Terence, Leandro, Koen, Felix) we decided to master ourselves in a QML/JavaScript/Ubuntu Touch context by developing the Stream app. It's becoming more and more of a stable and user-friendly Subsonic listening app. However, we see some limitations rising regarding the expandability of the app. Many mainstream music and podcasting platforms are very restrictive in the way that you can gather music or other streaming audio.

Therefore, we are looking for ideas for a new Ubuntu touch app that we could develop. Any idea is welcome.

What app for your Ubuntu Touch phone would you like to be developed? Please send us suggestions and motivations via koen@ubports.com.

Personal note; I would like to use the phone’s sensors more, such as the GPS, microphone, or camera. But also data from the phone, such as photos, contacts, or other files from the phone’s storage. This will challenge us more to use many aspects of the Ubuntu Touch operating system.

Next public development meetings

The next public development meetings are scheduled on:

- Wednesday May 11th from 19:00 until 21:30 CEST

- Wednesday June 1st from 19:00 until 21:30 CEST

You are invited to enjoy an evening of programming in Ubuntu Touch, using Discord.

Thanks for reading our third edition of the monthly update.

Love to see you next time.

Kind regards,

T.E. Team

TET-Update 2 aka 0010: Learn to set up your develop environment for Ubuntu Touch apps