Tax-exempt donations over SEPA bank wire transactions
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You might have already heard it through the grapevine: The UBports Foundation is now able to receive donations over SEPA bank wire transactions!

  • Account Holder: UBports Foundation
  • IBAN: DE27 7015 0000 1005 8360 42
  • Bank: Stadtsparkasse München

SEPA bank wire transactions usually come with very low fees for European accounts, making this an interesting donation option for many in the community. We also have a couple other donation options available for international donors, such as this new paypal link with lower fees specifically for non-profits, and we're discussing new possible options to make it even easier. If you want to propose an arrangement, you can contact us through donations(at)ubports(dot)com

Tax-deductible donations

We are incorporated as a gemeinnüzige rechtsfähige Stiftung bürgerlichen Rechts in Berlin, Germany, so donations are tax-deductible in several countries. Please confirm with your local tax office for details, if you're not a resident of Germany.

Residents of Germany can use this simplified donation receipt together with their bank statement, to claim tax credit for donations up to 200 euro. For higher amounts, we can issue you a specific tax receipt (German: "Zuwendungsbescheinigung"). To make this easier, please include your name and postal address in the reference field (German: "Verwendungszweck") of the transaction, and we will send you the receipt within a couple of months. If you have any questions regarding your donation, please contact us through donations[at]ubports(dot)com.

Donation types

There are two types of donations:

The default donation (German: "Spende") is a contribution that helps us fulfill our mission - the development of Ubuntu Touch and it's community in particular and the promotion of free software and education in general, according to the preamble of our statutes - directly. We are required to ensure that the donation is used as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The second type (German: "Zustiftung") is a donation that will be added to the foundation's endowment capital. We are not allowed to spend this money directly, but invest it to secure the long-term sustainability of the UBports Foundation. Capital gains from that investment can later be spent on our mission.

You can designate the type of a donation by including "Zustiftung" or "Spende" in the reference field of the SEPA bank wire transaction. If you make no designation, it is assumed that your donation is a "Spende".

Both donation types are equally important to the Foundation. While normal donations produce results very quickly, Zustiftungen can have a very high long-term impact. If you are willing to make a larger donation, you can also split the amount between a "Zustiftung" and "Spende". Both types are usually tax deductible, but please discuss the implications for your particular situation with your tax consultant. If you have any questions or want to discuss a special arrangement, you can contact us at donations[at]ubports(dot)com.

Associate members and Sponsors

It will also soon be possible to become an associate member of the UBports Foundation, as outlined in § 14 of our statutes. Associate membership is great for the frequently invoked "average user", who identifies with the project, but is unwilling or unable to contribute work. Associate members will be able to make a recurring financial contribution, combining the benefits of the fast effect of a normal donation with the sustainability of a Zustiftung. Please bear with us while we're figuring out the details. In the mean time, you can use one of our existing donation options, where recurring donations are possible as well.

Companies are also encouraged to sign up for recurring sponsorship packages, which come in different shapes and sizes and bring about associated benefits like joint PR, marketing opportunities and of course a solid support for our projects. Please contact us at sponsorship[at]ubports(dot)com, if you are interested.

Some final remarks

Thank you for bearing with me through this excursion into German bureaucracy. I especially hope you enjoyed the German language gems such as "vereinfachte Zuwendungsbescheinigung" and "Körperschaftssteuergesetz" - isn't that just music in your ears? I also wanted to use this opportunity to thank all of you for bearing with us through this admittedly lengthy process of incorporating the foundation. A Foundation is a very complicated legal structure, but it is also an incredibly powerful tool for non-profit communities. And now that it's here, we are motivated to make the most of it. For Ubuntu Touch. For the FOSS community. For all the decent people in technology. Thank you all!

- Jan Sprinz, member of the Board of Directors at the UBports Foundation

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