Press release: More and more smartphone users want alternative operating systems

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                More and more smartphone users want alternative operating systems

                UBPorts Foundation offers alternative operating system to Google and Apple

                More and more smartphone users want alternative operating systems 

                Amsterdam, 16 February 2022 -

                More and more Dutch people are looking for alternatives to Android and iOS apps on their smartphone, with which they do not have to share data or pay money directly or indirectly to Apple or Google. The UBPorts Foundation notices this, because they get more and more questions about the availability and functioning of their alternative operating system for mobile phones. With the Linux-based operating system Ubuntu Touch, UBPorts offers an open source and independent operating system for mobile phones as an alternative to Android and iOS. Recent reports on Dutch entrepreneur and published Alexander Klöpping's new foundation also confirm the need for this among smartphone users.

                Concerns about duopoly of Google and Apple

                The number of questions from organisations and individuals who are concerned about their privacy and dependence on the duopoly of Google and Apple continues to grow. The UBPorts Foundation signalled this development years ago and has been striving ever since to offer smartphone users more freedom of choice. Ubuntu Touch, like Android and iOS, is an operating system for mobile phones. But unlike Google and Apple - who together now control about 99% of the market - Ubuntu Touch is completely open source, allowing the community working on the software to safely set the rules themselves.

                New era for Apps without tracking and costs

                The UBPorts foundation believes in an open, transparent and secure world where you have the choice of your own mobile operating system, independent of the hardware you use. In line with this, the foundation also develops free apps that do not require the payment of tech-taxes, as is the case with Google and Apple. There are now 1200 apps in their app-store. Because Ubuntu Touch was created from the conviction that consumers should have freedom of choice in the operating system of their smartphone, they do not create a profile of users. Nor do the Apps collect data for marketing purposes. The efforts of UBPorts have led to Ubuntu Touch currently supporting various models of smartphones and tablets. The aim is to further expand the number of devices that Ubuntu Touch offers pre-installed in the coming period. Their goal is to have a substantial number of Ubuntu Touch users worldwide by 2026.  

                Opting for an independent operating system

                Ubuntu Touch currently supports sixty different types of phones; one of these is a partnership with German manufacturer Volla, on which the system runs by default. Customers who have already opted for Ubuntu Touch will now have to put in some time, as some functionalities are still under development to ensure that the general public can also make the switch. 

                Apps with privacy at number 1 

                For smartphone users who want to get started with Ubuntu Touch, there is a handy online site where you can see which smartphones support Ubuntu Touch. Then, you can install Ubuntu Touch online using the "Ubports installer" (downloadable for Windows, Mac and Linux at this link). Once the installer is running, connect the smartphone via USB and follow the on-screen instructions.

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