Interview with Moem

Interview with Moem

We had a little chat with Moem . She has become quite an active UBports community member.

How did you become involved in the UBports community?

Well, I’ve been Google-averse for a long time. For that reason, I was not interested in getting a smartphone for years, until I got my hands on a used BlackPhone, and that seemed to be a decent option for privacy.

After that, I moved on towards LineageOS on a Oneplus One. And then I read about Ubuntu Touch on the internet, about how it was easy to install, and that it was a real Linux even though it was not a desktop Linux. And since I’m a Linux Mint user, I just had to try it.

Originally I wanted to try it out for a week or two on a spare phone. Those two weeks have stretched out into over a year with no end in sight.

Since I like Ubuntu Touch so much, and also because it’s nice to have a place to ask questions, I started using the forums.

You’re quite active on the UBports forums, helping others. What’s your drive to do this?

As a newcomer, I’m naturally enthusiastic. And since it’s great to share newfound knowledge, I do my best to answer questions that others ask. It’s just something I enjoy.

I’m active in the Dutch hacker scene, and sharing knowledge is a big part of that. Learning together, and facilitating each other in learning. In my view it all fits together.

What do you like most about our community?

I really like how accessible the developers are. They are not some high and mighty but invisible group behind the scenes, they are just a part of the community. It really makes Ubuntu Touch feel like a group effort. Something we can participate in, not something to passively consume. That’s how I like things.

What advice would you give to community members who want to help others but don’t know how?

Hang out on the forums, read along. Maybe try the Telegram group . You’ll learn a lot. Soon you will be able to answer some of the questions that others ask. Or you will be able to ask a good and relevant question, and when others answer, that will add information to the forum too. Questions are a contribution, too!

And when you struggle with something and then manage to solve it (or not!), post about it on the forum. Others may have the same problem, or maybe you are doing something that they did not even know was an option.

What are your interests outside of Ubuntu Touch?

I’m a tinkerer, a maker who likes to make new stuff out of old stuff, such as circuit boards. I like slightly obsolete technology. My latest obsession is Pebble smartwatches. There’s an app for them in the OpenStore and I saw that and now I have four Pebbles somehow.

I’m also active in BookCrossing and you may find me on Instructables.

Lastly, I love to travel, and my favourite mode of transport is by motorcycle.

So many interests, so little time!

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