Call for Testing: Ubuntu Touch OTA-15

Hello again, everyone!

I'm happy to announce that it is time to ask your help in testing Ubuntu Touch OTA-15! This is slated for release on Wednesday, December 16, 2020. Before then, we need to make sure it's ready to go!

What's new?

We spent another few weeks preparing the Qt 5.12 upgrade and fixing up issues on Android 9 devices like the Volla Phone.

This release has fixes for stuttery audio playback on the Volla Phone and other devices. The Volla Phone's front camera orientation was fixed, pictures are now rotated correctly after being taken. Sending of USSD codes was fixed on all Android 9 devices.

Initiating calls via a Bluetooth headset (via a dedicated "Redial" button or with the "Contacts" interface on some cars) has been fixed. The dialer now starts more reliably when trying to manage any call.

A Thai keyboard layout was added.

The ubports-installer gained support for the OnePlus2 by Vince, f(x)tec Pro1 by Danct12 and friends, Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 by Danct12 and the Google Pixel 3a by Alfred.

Morph-browser received a new tab management interface on narrow views (like phones in portrait mode). This new interface allows swiping tabs away to the left or right. This new interface also has tab previews available so you can see the webpage you're switching to. Many changes were made to improve the browser when the system theme is set to Suru Dark. The browser also received a new logo!

How can I test?

We want to ensure that every release we ship is better than the previous, so we're looking to our entire community to help us with the QA (Quality Assurance) of OTA-15.

We've prepared a GitHub Project for OTA-15 QA which lists the issues we'd like your feedback on. The QA column lists issues which do not have complete test results. The Done column lists issues which, thanks to our efforts here, are confirmed as fixed. The In Progress column lists issues which are either not fixed or where the fix has a severe negative side effect. The goal at the end of this is to have every issue in the Done column.

We're interested in hearing your feedback on everything in the QA column. We want to know:

* Which device are you using?
* Does the issue appear fixed in your testing?
* Did you notice any side effects of the change as it is listed in the issue or Pull Request?

Testing any issue should be easy. On your device:

1. Update all of your apps using "System Settings -> Updates" or "My Apps" in the OpenStore app
2. Head to System Settings -> Updates -> Update Settings -> Release Channel
3. Select `rc`
4. Go back to the Updates screen to install the downloaded update

After your phone reboots, you'll be on the OTA-15 release candidate! Of course, **only** step 4 is required if you are already on the `rc` channel, this update will come through as normal.

You will receive an image named "(2020-W49)" or newer. You can find your image version in System Settings -> About -> OS.

Now you can pick any issue in the QA column in the OTA-15 project, and ensure that you are not able to reproduce it. If you can't reproduce the issue, the fix worked! If you can reproduce the issue (or you notice something else that isn't right), we want to know about that too. Leave a comment with your device and image version, then let us know the results of your test.

We also have a OTA-15 Call for Testing forum post where we can discuss any questions you may have about anything that comes up during your testing.
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