Audiocast Episode 17-01 - Tryout

By our community members @Wayneoutthere & @Exar_kun

@Wayneoutthere & @Exar_kun took their time to cook up a new way of getting the news of UBports out there. It's from the community for the community.

They love feedback & compliments so give them a ping on Telegram!

Listen to their Audiocast below or download this episode here.

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Audiocast Index

  • 0:00 Intro tune

  • 1:29 What is the purpose of the Audiocast?

  • 2:20 Who are Wayne and Joe. And why is Wayne out there?

  • 5:10 What is UBports and why does is matter? 

  • 7:10 YouBee or Ubbe ports? 

  • 8:13 Mark drops the cake, Marius took over, UBports got its major boost.

  • 13:15 People do not see how big this convergence thing is. We could dominate Android.

  • 14:40 The great potential of the community.

  • 19:03 What is UBports? part 2 

  • 21:00 Ubuntu Touch (OS) the UBports showpiece

  • 23:19 Major companies aren't going to like this 

  • 25:20 It won't stink and won't steal. Freedom and Privacy 

  • 26:10 Bikini parts or insects? What does Ubuntu Touch needs as a release name 

  • 28:00 Le epic outro

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