Audiocast Episode 02 - 170709 - Screaming Mohannes

By our community members @Wayneoutthere & @Exar_kun

@Wayneoutthere & @Exar_kun whipped up another one - just because.  Does the pronunciation of a name matter?  If an OS falls in a forest, does anyone hear?  These and other important questions are tackled head on - no mercy.

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Audiocast Index

  • 0:00 Intro tune

  • 0:50 The Cast that shall not be named

  • 1:40 Mohannes takes credits for the Post Cananical Depression terminology. #misterstealyoterms 

  • 3:40 What is left to talk about Canonical-wise? 

  • 5:35 Canonical is allowing us to keep using the Ubuntu (Touch) name?

  • 9:00 Wayne or Kanye

  • 10:55 ;)

  • 14:08 Why do these community projects fail?

  • 16:50 The Community itself is the UBports strongpoint

  • 18:20 Smoothly on boarding the UBports Community

  • 21:44 People do not know that there are Android Alternatives, a presidential speech 

  • 26:15 Segment: What went wrong last week

  • 31:08 Segment: Speaking Techlish; Why pronunciation matters 

  • 43:50 What is an OS, Halium and what does one need to make it all work?

  • 48:16 Get Out!


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