Thank you for your interest in the UBports community! Please read the information below, fill out the application form and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Please read our  Foundation Statutes and insert the required information into the fields provided in this application form. For more information about the background on the roles of membership and the conditions for membership you can visit our Bodies Overview page. The roles and conditions are based on the principle of  meritocracy . Please read the instructions and explanations on this form to help assure that the information is provided correctly. 

After the Membership Committee approves your application, you will become member of the Board of Trustees and get voting rights. Based on your application and experience, the Membership Committee will contact you and you will be placed in the community that is relevant to you and your skills.

*Side Note: please be specific about your experience and area of expertise as the information you provide will influence both your eligibility as a member and the decision of the Membership Committee.

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