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The current smartphone environment is one where a few large corporations own its users. As soon as the mobile device boots up, users typically create an account for that corporation, sign away many rights, and start moving incredible amounts of private information around the internet without even a thought. In many cases, all of their information is sitting on a corporations server, and when the ID is entered, that personal data is "magically" dropped onto their device. The users couldn't imagine changing - they are, in fact, afraid of changing in many or most cases.

As the world starts to figure out how the web works, it needs a solution.

The world needs a safe operating system that protects its users' data and at least gives people the option of *not* having their data spewed into unknown places in order to perform some of the basic tasks of living they have grown used to. They need the ability to use a search engine, use mapping software, share photos, send emails, sync to clouds and message each other without these questionable entities creepily fondling their privacy.

Enter UBports

UBports is a community-based project built by countless hours of volunteers who care about this privacy and net neutrality. They have been working for years to develop a safe operating system for mobile devices that will not only help with all of the above problems, but also break down walls of creativity that have otherwise been blocked by the current mobile device operating systems. 

Most people, at this point, become despondent. They say things like 'What can I do?" or, "But I communicate with my son this way" or, "I don't want to lose my data." Like Grandma's trip to the auto mechanic, when she turns on her mobile device she has to blindly trust that these people who "keep her phone running" are not going to take advantage of her lack of knowledge. But they have taken advantage of Grandma, and they will continue to do so because they have little to lose and much to go for.

UBports is a world wide community of actual living people who who place high value - not just on a 'flashy user experience' - but also on bigger picture items like freedom and creativity. Although UBports began with a simple copy and paste of the programming code from the promising Ubuntu Touch platform, this was merely a starting point for something that would soon become much greater.

The UBports project was founded by  Marius Gripsgard  in 2015 and in its infancy was a place where developers could share ideas and educate each other in hopes of bringing the Ubuntu Touch platform to more and more devices. 

After Canonical suddenly announced their plans to terminate support of Ubuntu Touch in the beginning of 2017, the programming source code for the project was, thanks to the hard work of many volunteers, picked up and moved into the free software community where the project could not only be maintained but also expanded. 

Starting first as a handful of developers meeting on  Telegram  (a free software app running successfully on many devices including Ubuntu Touch) within just a couple of months this tiny UBports group had grown into a 'super group' community with hundreds and hundreds of people from many countries and walks of life. The overall resonance has been fantastic, dialogues exciting, and community membership is growing at a break neck speed. 

It is our goal at UBports to keep the framework of the the original Ubuntu Touch alive on all originally-supported devices while preserving all the aspects and features the community has grown to love. We intend to reshape Ubuntu Touch and transform it into an operating system that faithfully serves all the needs of its members. 

The name Ubuntu (including Ubuntu Touch) is known as being technology designed with human beings in mind, and UBports aims to bring this spirit to to the project starting first with mobile devices but setting no limits on its potential reach. We will convert Ubuntu Touch into a true Linux-powered distribution for mobile devices, while keeping its simple, elegant and human-focused design. 

Since we are a non-profit organization funded entirely from  donations

We do this for the community. 

We are the community.

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The UBports Team

Marius GripsgÄrd



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Ruben Carneiro


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Chloe Johnson


Community manager, QA tester

Dalton Durst


Blog, Wiki, QA tester

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Jan Sprinz


Community manager, QA tester

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Marius Quabeck


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Apple Muncy


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Joed Lopez


Marketing Coordinator