Fairphone 2 Project

Ubuntu for Fairphone 2

Porting Ubuntu Touch to the Fairphone 2: a modular and ethical smartphone.

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Fairphone 2

Meet the Fairphone 2: It's ethical, repairable and build to last. The components are designed to be replaceable by its user. The phone consists of several removable parts. For instance the battery, the display assembly and the rear camera module. In the future, this modular design allows Fairphone to develop newer modules with updated components. Their ultimate goal: more comparable and sustainable smartphones on the market. 

Fairphone 2 and Ubuntu Touch

Together with their devoted community, Fairphone is changing the way products are made. A mission UBports supports and has expanded. In addition to the fact that the Fairphone 2 is an ethical and modular smartphone, with respect for human and planet, we have flashed the Ubuntu Touch OS on this device. So you not only have a modular smartphone, it also guarantees the privacy of its user. Read more about the Fairphone 2 running on Ubuntu Touch below.


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Longer Lifespan

The Fairphone 2 running on Ubuntu Touch is an ethical smartphone, developed with respect for human and planet. With a lifecycle program, Fairphone 2 is fully dedicated to the environment-friendly production of smartphones. The production process has the most impact on the environment. 

The smartphone consists of components you can replace and upgrade yourself. When a certain component needs replacement, you don't have to throw away the device, because you can easily replace the components yourself. Due to the longer lifespan an enormous amount of waste is being saved. Unlike what people think, the Fairphone 2 is not 100% recyclable. 

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Privacy Ensured

The Fairphone 2 running on Ubuntu Touch is a modern smartphone offering a good alternative for Android and iOS. The Ubuntu Touch OS does not depend on the cloud and is also virtually free of viruses and other malware that can extract your data. 

Ubuntu Touch is an open source software operating system. This means that everyone has access to the source code and can change, distribute or copy it. That makes it (nearly) impossible to install software backdoors.

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Respect for Humanity

Smartphones are manufactured using minerals and metals from conflict zones. The Fairphone 2 running on Ubuntu Touch changes that. The device has been developed with respect for humanity. Thanks to a strict code of conduct imposed by the manufacturers, employees receive decent salaries and they work in safer environments. Production does not involve child labour.

Because conflict minerals fund armed groups, Fairphone traces the origin of phone parts, so only minerals from conflict-free or Fairtrade mines are being used. Of the 40 minerals that are used in smartphones, Fairphone has selected four minerals that are produced in a sustainable way: gold, thin, coltan and tungsten.

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Easy in Use

The Fairphone 2 is equipped with all the modern features, including a sharp Full HD screen, a powerful 8MP camera, a fast processor and plenty of storage space. In contrast to the better-known operating systems Ubuntu has overview screens that combine all the information relevant to you. These screens can include email, music and appointments. 

A unique feature of Ubuntu Touch is the convergence principles. This transforms your smartphone into a full-fledged PC. You can simply make a wireless connection between your device and an external screen. Saving documents in the cloud belong to the past.

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