Respect for humanity

Did you know that producing smartphones is often associated with human suffering? Child labour, hazardous working conditions and underpayment are not uncommon. A smartphone is also manufactured using minerals and metals from conflict zones. The Fairphone running on Ubuntu changes that. 

Strict code of conduct

The Fairphone 2 with Ubuntu has been developed with respect for humanity. Thanks to a strict code of conduct imposed by the manufacturers, employees receive decent salaries, they have shorter working hours  

and they work in safer environments. Production does not involve child labour. 

Conflict-free materials

Because conflict minerals fund armed groups, Fairphone traces the origin of phone parts, so only minerals from conflict-free or Fairtrade mines are being used. They create demand for materials that are good for people and planet. The production of the Fairphone 2 is not 100% conflict-free. Of the 40 minerals that are used in smartphones, Fairphone has selected four minerals that are produced in a sustainable way: gold, thin, coltan and tungsten. 

Fairphone 2 + Ubuntu 

  • Fairphone is dedicated to create safe working conditions (step by step).

  • Good representation for the rights of employees  

  • Production does not involve child labour