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About this project!

The beginning

In the same year Fairphone was acknowledged as a social enterprise, they raised money for the initial batch of smartphones through pre-orders. In 2013 the company sold the entire initial production (25.000 phones). A second production of 35.000 phones was released for sale on 12 May 2014. Due to the success Fairphone announced the development of the Fairphone 2: the first modular smartphone to be available for consumers and designed to be easily repaired by its user. In May 2016, Fairphone reached a milestone of 40.000 sold phones of the Fairphone 2 edition. Read more on the Fairphone story.

Fairphone 2

Meet the Fairphone 2: It's ethical, repairable & build to last. The Fairphone 2 is the first modular smartphone that is available to consumers. The components are designed to be replaceable by its user. Ifixit scored the Fairphone 2 the highest score ever for repairability: a 10/10. The phone consists of several removable parts. For instance the battery, the display assembly and the rear camera module. In the future, this modular design allows Fairphone to develop newer modules with updated components. This design is also environmentally-friendly: a longlasting sustainable smartphone, so less waste. Their ultimate goal: more comparable and sustainable smartphones on the market.


Due to the convergence principle you don't have to save documents in the cloud when you want to work on them at work and at home. You just connect your Fairphone 2 to an external screen and start working! This screen adapts in the right, workable format. For your own convenience you can connect a mouse and keyboard as well. Huge benefit is that all your data and documents are saved on one device and one place: your smartphone.

Fairphone 2 & Ubuntu OS

Together with their devoted community, Fairphone is changing the way products are made. A mission we support and have expanded. In addition to the fact that the Fairphone 2 is an ethical and modular smartphone, with respect for human and planet, we have flashed Ubuntu OS on this device. Ubuntu is an open-source OS which guarantees the privacy of its user: it doesn't depend on the cloud and Google/Apple services.