Longer lifespan

Over a relatively short period of time smartphones have evolved into one of the most important digital devices in our daily lives. The downside of this success is that the production and waste processing causes serious damage to the environment. Fairphone 2 wants to change that by giving the device a longer lifespan.

Lifecycle program

The Fairphone 2 running on Ubuntu is an ethical smartphone, developed with respect for human and planet. With a special lifecycle program, Fairphone 2 is fully dedicated to the environment-friendly production of smartphones. The production process has the most impact on the environment. 

The companies behind the creation of the Fairphone collect discarded devices and use as many recycled materials as possible. A misconception, however, is that the Fairphone 2 is 100% fair and ethical. 

Modular built

The Fairphone 2 with Ubuntu is modular built. The smartphone consists of components you can replace and upgrade yourself. When a certain component of your Fairphone 2 needs replacement, you don't have to throw away the device, because you can easily replace components yourself. Due to the longer lifespan an enormous amount of waste is being saved. Unlike what most people think, the Fairphone 2 is not 100% recyclable. 

Fairphone 2 + Ubuntu 

  • Longer lifespan due to modular construction 

  • Contains recycled materials 

  • Lifecycle program for environment-friendly production and longer lifespan