What we do

The Marketing Committee is there to make Ubuntu Touch and UBports more and more popular by making us visible within and outside UBports. Improving brand knowledge and spreading enthusiasm are some of the key-responsibilities. A small selection out of the width spread activities: gaining free publicity, PR, webdevelopment, content creation, launching marketing campaigns, Social Media, audio casts & News Desks. All these activities have their role in creating Buzz around UBports and so Ubuntu Touch.

Marketing goals

  • As much Buzz around our foundation as possible

  • Successful branding (UBports and Ubuntu Touch)

  • Spreading interesting and exciting content

  • Recruitment of new UBports Foundation members

  • Gaining more donations

  • Free Publicity (magazine articles, interviews, links, recommendations, etc.)

  • Brand knowledge

Current members of the marketing team

  • Joe (MSC Head)

  • Ricardo Mendoza (rep. of the BoD)

  • Wayne (out there)

  • Diogo Constantino

  • Lionel

  • Will Atwood

  • Domas

  • Milan Korecky

  • Amolith

  • Ralf Weterings

  • Dario Cavedon

  • Nigel Wood

  • Seshan Ravikumar

  • Tiago Corrondo

Where to find

  • Website translations

  • Other Translatations (UBports, UBports Docs, UBports Website, Dekko, OpenStore, Unity8)

  • Discuss in Telegram (when invited or member)

    • UBports Language Groups

    • UBports Marketing & Communication Group

    • UBports Representatives (not active yet)


  • Content Specialist (writer / blogger / vlogger / mailings)

  • CRM building/maintenance expert

  • Marketing Researcher (surveys)

  • Web Specialist (design, SEO, UX)

  • UX-designer

  • Analyst (web analytics)

  • Community handler / manager

  • PR Specialist

  • Social Strategist

  • UBports Representative

Steering Committee keywords

Publicity, PR, webdevelopment, content creation, launching campaigns, developer attraction, communication, visibility, brand knowledge

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