What we do

The Infra Committee stands for continuous operation & maintenance of infrastructure services. Its main goal is to keep UBports in the air and to connect our Ubuntu Touch users with our services. Our tasks consist of providing hardware, the operating system and the tools and applications to our developers. Team members have at least basic understanding of Linux as an operating system, shell scripts and OS configuration for various services and daemons. Additional things like storage management, firewall know-how etc. will be needed in the future. Deploying a Linux OS should be a familiar task for you.

Our infrastructure consists of a bunch of virtual servers in a cloud infrastructure, mainly hosted at Digital Ocean. In our CI train we use mainly Jenkins as the central platform for handling automated builds and packaging. But also for the hosting of websites there is work to do, or for the system-image server which deploys our builds.

Finally all our code is either hosted on Github or Launchpad. Basic know-how about those two services makes it easy to get up-to-speed in this team.

Infra goals

  • Keep UBports in the air

  • Providing hardware

  • Providing the Operation System

  • Providing tools and applications to the developers

Current members of the infra team

  • Florian Leeber (ISC Head)

  • Brian Douglass

  • Marius Gripsgård


  • Batch file and shell script writer

  • Debugger

  • Jenkins specialist

( We would need people who love to play with servers, install software, write batch files and shell scripts, and debug why a certain server is not doing what he should. Unfortunately there is also a certain level of understanding of Jenkins, Debian and Linux packaging, and even compilation of packages necessary. Even sometimes programming a bit could not hurt. It is hard to find people who got all necessary skills at the same time. Our infrastructure is a combination of providing hardware, the operating system and also the tools and applications to our developers. In companies, each of those are separate departments or people with specialization. )

Steering committee keywords

ARM, cloud, translations, services, jenkins, github, launchpad, linux, shell, firewall

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