Documentation and Read Me's

By documentation our every move, we are able to continuously grow.

What we do:

As a growing community and recently established foundation, keeping track of what is needed where and helping out in generating readme's and other documents is one of the most important tasks imaginable. The sole purpose of this focusgroup is that a new member of the community can go through the on-boarding process as fast and as efficient as possible. By doing this, we are enabling to inform, persuade and enthusiast people from various backgrounds on the foundation and its projects.  


What we are working on:

Below are examples of assigned tasks that our group is working on:
  • User Documentation: Generating tutorials on how to work with Ubuntu Touch OS
  • Developer Documentation: How to create applications for the OpenStore, system component and how to access system interfaces in a programmatic way.
  • Process Documentation: How does UBports collaborate, what are standard processes to go through.

What we need help with:

In addition to the current set of tasks, we are looking for people who can help with:

  • Phasing out and refining all the documentation there is and bringing it to

How we work:

Join us:

Do you think you can contribute to our documentation and read me's?
If you think that you can help with this group, then reach out to us on 
Tell us who you are and show us how you can help

Please read some documentation on our documentation and read me's here
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              Apply to become a UBports Foundation Documentation and Read Me's Member@ @Flohack is BoD for this focus group.