The Halium Project

open source with unlimited customizations

In September of 2008, a new form of mobile operating system was developed and based on the Linux kernel. It was founded by Android Inc. who also founded the Open Handset Alliance. This alliance believed in an open standardization of hardware, software, and telecommunications. The idea of this open standardization of all aspects of the mobile device was perceived by many to be the first true open sourced with unlimited customizations.

As this technology advanced rapidly in regards to hardware and software, fragmentation set in. This open source code, this all for one ideology went out the window. No more could you see the dream of customizing the code to fit your needs and apply it to any device you wished. Proprietary software bloated the ecosystem, Google dominated the system with their monetized services baked in, all this without a thought towards the end user base or what they wanted or required to have a functional device.

Fast forward to today and you will see that the Android developer base is constantly at their wits end having to develop for only a select set of devices due to such fragmentation. Not only does limit the advancement of the open source nature of the ecosystem from lack of community-driven projects, it also causes ripples in the developer community. These ripples are nothing more than wasted energy feeding back on itself in a continuous loop with every device release acting like another rock thrown into the pond causing another ripple.

Enter The Halium Project, a collaborative action amongst some of the greatest developers in the Android community to finally stand up and say enough is enough. The Halium Project is attempting to unify the hardware abstraction layer for projects which run GNU/Linux Distro on mobile devices. The Halium Project in one simple mindset is to unify the open source code once and for all, to finally open the doors for a developer to develop as they wish and have the confidence that it will run on any mobile device. Gone are the days of developing only for a single device.

Develop for The Halium Project and:
  • develop once for all devices
  • help pave the way for safer devices
  • break wide open the gates of programming creativity
  • actually, make a difference in the world
  • help people connect by making more devices accessible to lower income people
  • wish the environment by extending the life of the hardware
  • finally, develop for something that’s making a difference for  everyday people

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