UBports Audiocast 009  -  Devels and Parenting

Wayne & Joe


Hey man! Where is my OTA man?

Hi all, and welcome to the #009 episode of the UBports Audiocast. 

In this episode the guys are kicked in the face with OTA 2, while sipping on their morning coffee. 

Somehow the entire ubuntu touch community is celebrating and partying in the streets because of this new update.  Still, the question remains; What is it, how can I get it and why do we need it?

Get (Wayne)in here and join Joe & Wayne on their quest for information concerning  this brand spanking new, automatic update of ubuntu touch.

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So you wont have to miss a thing

        Yo! My name is Joe and I am not a Rapper #2

                Audiocast opening. [00:43]

         Speaking Tech-lish

                 Introducing the Brand Spanking new OTA 2 update                  [02:32]

          It's the UBports/ubuntu touch Audiocast

                   As of now we are calling ourselves unofficially the                    ubuntu touch audiocast. Due to the OTA2 update ;)                    [14:34]

        Good Parenting

               How can we inform 'our kids' of the added value of ubuntu                touch? [15:20]

        How are mobile devices affecting parents?

                It's affecting everything. Murder rates are down, but                 suicide rates are up. Today there are people whom are                 isolated amidst people. What should parents do?  [18:40]

        ubuntu, touch me?

                Should we have ubuntu junior and senior flavours?  [33:28]


Selected Content from the episode

As if you're sitting in with Wayne and Joe


  • Wayne                     (@Wayneoutthere)

  • Joe                           (@Exar_Kun)

  • Marius Gripsgard (@mariogrip)

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